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There are several Australian based organization that FlitWays has partnered with to grow their international reach. FlitWays Director of Growth, Zacky Hamraz, commented, "Australia is one of the cities that is increasing in frequency for business travelers. FlitWays doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel is one of the leading providers of business class transportation solution." Since its inception, FlitWays has been designed to fulfill the needs of businesses and corporations alike. Australia is an upcoming major travel destination for both business and vacations.FlitWays is ecstatic to be at the forefront of expanding into these new doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 oaklaurel.com.au markets. The flagship and all-inclusive FlitWays vehicles will be available for use by corporate traveler making the trips to Australia. Our Australia expansion is directly tied to our ongoing strategy to reach international markets. FlitWays will be immediately available in 10 major Australian cities with more on the way: Australia Canberra - CBR Mornington - AVV FlitWays strives to be at the forefront of the enterprise ground transportation. FlitWays insists on the upmost standards for business travelers that choose to use FlitWays. About FlitWays: FlitWays, a Los Angeles-based travel technology company, offers enterprise ground transportation solution for businesses in 170 cities around the world. Currently servicing over 400 airports with a fleet of over 20,000 vehicles. FlitWays provides businesses with enterprise suite and integrated booking tools that helps business to manage their global ground transportation through a secured platform that fits the way businesses travel. For additional information regarding FlitWays, visit www.FlitWays.com . Additional information regarding FlitWays Technology, Inc. can also be found in the Company's most recent filings with SEC at www.sec.gov and further Company press releases.